Play Well – Play Safe is a public non-profit organization and will be orchestrating many community events of varying types. Many of the events will be educational in nature, but some will be opportunities to participate in exclusive private functions that feature some of Park City’s elite athletes. If you are interested in upcoming events, check back to this page frequently for details.

Upcoming Events

Please join us for The 3rd Annual An Evening with BMC, A Fundraiser for The Play Well - Play Safe Foundation

Additional Educational Events:
The Foundation is pleased to support the efforts of organizations such as “Fast and Female”.  “Fast and Female” is a wonderful program focused on delivering inspiring and high impact programming for the positive personal and athletic development of female athletes.

Current Foundation Projects

The Park City Sport and Wellness Coalition: The Foundation is pleased to be a founding member and financial contributor of the Park City Sport and Wellness Coalition (

The Park City Sport & Wellness Coalition for a Healthy and Unified Community is a group of non-profit entities whose mission is to provide health, sport and wellness education to the members Summit County.

The group’s collective goal is provide educational opportunities that will create a healthier and active community that is more vibrant with greater economic, social and educational opportunities for the greater Park City community.

AED Pilot Program at PCHS: The plan is to implement AED/CPR bystander training for all 10th grade students. The training will be implemented into the curriculum of the Health class. The policies and procedures developed from the pilot program will be used as the foundation to present to other High Schools and school districts. In addition, PlayWell-PlaySafe foundation will donate AED machines to participating schools.